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Natural Ear Infection Remedies

  NATURAL EAR INFECTION REMEDY By Dr. Matt Hill TABLE OF CONTENTS Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care Warm or Cold Compress Rest, Vitamin D, and Distraction Salt Water Hydrogen Peroxide Garlic and Ginger Naturopathic Ear Drops Changing Sleep Positions When To See Your Health Provider or Neurologically-Focused Pediatric Chiropractor “We have been on antibiotic after antibiotic for multiple ear infections and now have been referred to the ENT for tubes and also for tonsil and adenoid removal, which make us uncomfortable as parents. I know there has to be something else to try before we go the surgery route.”  Bryce’s mom Samantha shared this with me in a motivated tone when we first met. Samantha was on a mission like so many parents who also want to take the natural, less invasive route but are prescribed medications or tube surgery first.  She was determined to find a natural ear infection remedy that would be an effective option to hold off surgery, as well as get to the root cau

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